Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas - I have been busy creating new work to take to the Trade Shows in January.  This year I am going to Giving and Living as well as Glasgow so will be away for a long time in January.

Here is a little taster of some of the new work...

In fact there are over 50 new items in the What's New section of my website - so if you get fed up of turkey and repeats have a little look...

We have a new supplier in the Gallery - Sennen Soap Company - who produce a small but choice range of handmade soap in small batches using all natural and organic ingredients in a fabulous range of fragrances including Cornish Lavender, Lemon, Lime and Tea Tree, Vanilla, Rose Geranium and Lavender.  They've been selling so well they're also going to Giving and Living at Exeter in January on the stand next to me.

See you in January - hope it's still mild out there...

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hello - what a great Easter I spent trying to access the NHS out of hours service ...I never gave up and 5 days later feel almost human again.
Lot's of Poldark seeking visitors - it's that way...over there...
The British Craft Trade Fair starts on Sunday 12th April in Harrogate - the van is coming tomorrow and we are leaving on Friday morning...really looking forward to it.
I have even more new work than at Glasgow - come and see.

 Giant Cat Spoon with Hanging
 Giant Fox Terrier Spoon with Hanging
 A Nest of Oval Cat Dishes - all sold separately too
The St Just LGBT Synchronised Swimming Team - an exhibition 'one off'.

This year I am launching my range of Jane Adams Ceramics greetings cards featuring Benedict the photo-bombing dog. He has been visiting all his favourite places and popping up into the photos just as they were being taken.  He's naughty but we wouldn't have him any other way.
Ten designs....can be bought on the website very soon....

We hope you like them - full details on
Just because we can here is a picture of some choughs at Botallack - stunning scenery - no wonder the Poldark team are rumoured to have a 5 year contract on the site for future filming....but I don't fancy him at all - unlike almost everyone I know....LOL

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Having survived another festive season with only a bit of chocolate on the cat, a singed tail on another cat and a washing machine having to be replaced between Christmas and New Year we are grateful ....
I am busy getting ready for Scotland's Trade Fair at the SECC in Glasgow and will be travelling up with my most useful assistant opening for trade on Sunday 18th.
Once more I have about 50% new pieces with the rest being best sellers and favourites from the year before.
Here is a little taster:

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Here is a photo of our new gallery assistant Joe Mason.  He is also developing a fantastic range of new products for the gallery using his illustration skills.  These will be launched soon....

He says he looks like an RAF officer because it's Movember and is modelling one of the lovely new scarves that have arrived in the gallery - they suit men AND women!  He also likes cats - which is a good job really.

Margaret has asked me to point out that she is still the manage LOL and so I shall be going on holiday soon because these two can cope really well without me....
It was completely amazing to see how many visitors came to St Just over October half term.  We had a fantastic ten days, with queues at the till and a wonderful boost for the turnover.  Thank you everyone!
However it's another story now so time to concentrate on my own work and making new pieces for the Trade Shows next year and to think about new ways of working and possible a new range using found objects....some great ideas coming already.

Cat Dish

Dog Spoon with hanger
English Bull Terrier Dish
 Hare by the Well

Sheep Dish

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

So it's October tomorrow, and we have been so busy coping with all the visitors I have hardly had time to turn around.   Great weather - great sales for the gallery and for my work - what more can anyone ask?
Had a great staff outing to the Scillies - walked for miles however....
Got some lovely new stock coming in for Autumn - not talking about Christmas yet.
Come and have a look!
Our jewellery is selling well....
Lovely new cards with cats on here now....
Kara gone to Falmouth to do Theatre - house clean and tidy and food still in the fridge....
Off to Crete tomorrow - Susie is in charge of the gallery and of behind the scenes,,,,see you dreckly xx

Thursday, 10 July 2014

I don't know why I haven't posted since April....except to say I have been doing orders in the pottery and so on....and Kara has now done her A Levels....results day soon.

I have survived Open Studios with large numbers of lovely visitors resulting in the pottery shelves being emptied of all but 4 pieces!  We did have a good 10 days....

Margaret and I had a super annual staff outing up to Bovey Tracey but I didn't buy too much this was a little bit do the same makers get in year after year and why would you have the two top animal makers and the two top slipware makers a few stalls away from each other in the same tent...bonkers eh?  I think the show has lost its way a bit and a fresh eye is needed...but what do I know?

However we got some lovely felted birds from Benton's Menagerie - so sweet and beautifully made....

Anyone who know me knows I can't resist work like this!

I have mainly been working on completely new work for our Joint Summer Exhibition at Morvah Schoolhouse which is starting on Sunday July 20th with a PV to which everyone is invited.

Do bring anyone along you like - Justus Hattam and Richard Guy are exhibiting their new work protraying this unique stretch of road in their individual styles and I have taken the creatures and inhabitants as my starting point.  This work is much more colourful than my usual pieces - I have used engobes and slips and driftwood bases to display the pieces.  Sometimes the amazing pieces of driftwood found after the storms this year have dictated the pieces - telling me what to make even.

Some more pics here:

I seem to be doing a lot of travelling recently - up to London for a funeral of one of my old mates from teenage years...and then to Derby for the funeral of one of my oldest friend's son....hmmm...

But Kara and I are off to Brighton for our almost annual inspirational trip - SHOPS!!  and RESTAURANTS!! and sea, sun and all manner of amazing Margaret is in charge of all the stuff here...

We are having our hallmark made this week --- M&J it will say - isn't that exciting eh?  The silver jewellery we make is selling exceptionally well - so much fun making it too....I love it!

For LAFROWDA DAY  this year there will be tea but not I am doing Tarot Readings in the garden at a taster rate of ££10 for 15 mins so if you are that way inclined come and have a try?

Then off to Port Eliot Festival.....first time idea what to expect?